Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tarot Reader vs. Psychic

I have noticed a number of people who read Tarot cards claiming to be psychic. I find this is a bit of a presumptuous label to give to oneself. Reading the tarot doesn't necessarily give one the psychic ability. Personally, I don't use the term "psychic" because I think that psychic impressions are something that originates from within. Whereas, Tarot reading is a skill and acquired knowledge that stems from images outside of one's self - the cards.

For the past 20 years I have been studying the symbolism of Tarot cards. There is a lot to remember. It is necessary, however, in order to read the cards with any accuracy, to know the symbols presented in each card. Sometimes even the seemingly same symbol can mean slightly different things in different cards.

For example, each suit of the Tarot has a general meaning: disks for wealth and money, swords for intellect, cups for emotions, and wands for drive and passion. Each of the cards, Ace to nine, in each suit varies the meaning of the symbols Knowing the imagery and symbols is the very foundation of good Tarot work.

Also, there is definitely a need for intuition to decipher card meanings in a spread as it is relevant to the querent. Psychics might also use imagery and symbols to assist with the intuiting of a situation or person. After all, most "psychic messages" don't arrive in the form of detailed notes but tend to use images just like the Tarot does.

So, there are some similarities between the Tarots readers and psychics, but one doesn't conclude the other. Just because I am able to read the images of Tarot and interpret them, doesn't mean that I have a psychic gift. Vice-versa, just because a psychic uses imagery in their ability to see, doesn't make them a Tarot reader.

There is a definitely a difference between reader and psychic. However, both abilities need to be studied and honed for either to be useful, or to make claim to their titles


  1. Nice post! I believe that many can learn to read the tarot well, but if you are not connected with your intuition, it is like playing a guitar technically well without rhythm and feeling. Often, the tarot helps people to tap into their intuitive faculties - it is a great tool for those who are unaware of that side of themselves.

  2. yes you make a very astute point in this matter - as to the matter of being psychic (or rather, having psychic abilities); some people are born with psychic ability which means they may or may not understand and/or control the power they have been born with. Others may develop them consciously through an act of self development, control andor renunciation of certain things in order to tune in to those abilities. One thing that is to the advantage of having consciously developed and honed such skills is the fact that in such a case, deep insight and perhaps sometimes also wisdom is simultaneously develped, resulting in correct knowledge of how and when to apply such ability, from where the ability stems, and knowledge of the nature and influences of such abilities is born. The Ruesi for example (rishis) of ancient India, developed their minds to meditate beyond 4th jhana and attain various kinds of powers. begining with the ten kasinas - mastery of the earth element would let one project solidity into fluid matter (make water hard and thus walk on it's surface, for example) - mastery of water (fluidity/liquidness), results in being able to dive under the earth like a mole and swim in it, appearing later coming out of the earth in a different place to where one has disappered into it...
    The ten kasina staring meditations (scrying) are simple but effective methods which result in the borth of psychinc ability
    The Buddha taught these ten methods as the forst of a set of forty techniques.
    focusing on impure outer objects is easier than pure or impure inner ones, and therefore the kasinas are recommended as the forst steps in stilling the logical chattering analysing monkey mind, which is necessary to enable the arisal of inner seeing and insight.

    I like your blog - and therefore shall be giving you backlinks to both of my occult related blogs

  3. In my opinion, and experience, to properly read the Tarot, one much be in touch with their intuition, which is just their psychic abilities. The thing about studying the cards and such really doesn't apply to Tarot, since every true reader will tell you that the cards mean what you feel, so in one situation, the King of Swords can have countless meanings, it all depends on the energies you are feeling from the card at this time. Tarot is just a tool, like a crystal ball, or a scrying mirror, they help us to tap into our own abilities.