Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Thinning of the Veil

Yesterday was Samhain or Hallowe'en, if you prefer. Today is All Soul's Day. This is a time in our shared Earthly cycles when the "Veil between the worlds" is at it's thinnest. The subtler realities that co-exist with ours are more visible to us now. This may come in various forms. Whether you are feeling "in tune" with certain people more now, or your dreams are more vivid, now is a good time to pay attention to messages from beyond our normal scope of perception. Notice how the physical world is influenced by that which is etheric and intangible. This is the seat of manifestation.

Here are some things to look for during this time:

  1. Have you noticed your dreams become more vivid lately? More bizarre?
  2. Have you heard any noises that don't have any logical explanation?
  3. Have objects been falling lately that have previously been secure?
  4. How about disembodied voices?
  5. Do you see things in your periphery vision and sometimes straight in front of you that seem to not make sense at all, that you find yourself puzzled and struggling to fit what you have witnessed into scenarios that "make sense".
Or is it just me?

You may run through this list and think either you or I, or both of us are crazy. Please don't panic or call your shrink. Just observe.

I don't think of myself as special, or psychic, or clairvoyant...but there are things I have been noticing lately which I find fall into the category of "Anomaly". Other than vivid dreams which both myself and my son are having, I have seen and heard things that are out of place.

  1. One was a voice that sounded like a man's and a woman's at the same time. I was really trying to separate them at first, thinking I was hearing conversation. I have heard conversations before between a man and a woman, but it wasn't like any conversation rhythm I have heard before. They were speaking in a language I never heard before, but I think might be Spanish, maybe Latin. They said : "Es a du reo" or "E sau de rio" ...whatever that means. Maybe it means nothing, it is just an observation.
  2. A couple of days ago there was a big crash. I was startled and got up to look at what had happened. I thought perhaps one of my cats (insert cat-lady joke here) was up to no good. I looked everywhere and not a thing was out of place. The crash was inside my apartment. It didn't come from the hallway, or the tenants upstairs. In fact, my initial thought was that the sound was in the room I was sitting in.
  3. Flickering interplay of light and shadow manifesting as what looks like small, flying people.
  4. Being touched by an invisible being. Creeped me out a bit.
I think I am going to start an album on my site for pictures of these beings. I will draw a few.

I would love to hear about anyone else's experiences with the unexplained and events beyond our usual perception.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Tribute - Merry Crowleymas!

As fate would have it this year, Canadian Thanksgiving falls smack on Aleister Crowley's birthday. I am actually thankful for this pioneering force in the Occult Community. Even if I find some of his work a little self-serving, it has ultimately added to the tapestry of magickal practices and theories. Instead of recanting his biography here, I will tell you how I have been touched by this monumental day.

On this day in 1984, in my foolish youth, I took my first hit of LSD. I also became a student of magick and in particular I learned about Crowley and LaVey. Although my interest in LaVey waned with my maturity, I still found value in the depth of Crowley's work. Good work is indeed enduring, such as the poetry of "The Book of Lies" or the (sometimes) thoughtful correspondence of "Magick Without Tears". Then there is the contribution to Tarot with the Thoth deck which is something I incorporate into my daily life. Crowley has effected my life, but he has possibly effected millions with Boleskine , Loch Ness and even, LAM.

So, kudos, ol' chap; wherever you may be. Your magick is still in effect.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tarot Reader vs. Psychic

I have noticed a number of people who read Tarot cards claiming to be psychic. I find this is a bit of a presumptuous label to give to oneself. Reading the tarot doesn't necessarily give one the psychic ability. Personally, I don't use the term "psychic" because I think that psychic impressions are something that originates from within. Whereas, Tarot reading is a skill and acquired knowledge that stems from images outside of one's self - the cards.

For the past 20 years I have been studying the symbolism of Tarot cards. There is a lot to remember. It is necessary, however, in order to read the cards with any accuracy, to know the symbols presented in each card. Sometimes even the seemingly same symbol can mean slightly different things in different cards.

For example, each suit of the Tarot has a general meaning: disks for wealth and money, swords for intellect, cups for emotions, and wands for drive and passion. Each of the cards, Ace to nine, in each suit varies the meaning of the symbols Knowing the imagery and symbols is the very foundation of good Tarot work.

Also, there is definitely a need for intuition to decipher card meanings in a spread as it is relevant to the querent. Psychics might also use imagery and symbols to assist with the intuiting of a situation or person. After all, most "psychic messages" don't arrive in the form of detailed notes but tend to use images just like the Tarot does.

So, there are some similarities between the Tarots readers and psychics, but one doesn't conclude the other. Just because I am able to read the images of Tarot and interpret them, doesn't mean that I have a psychic gift. Vice-versa, just because a psychic uses imagery in their ability to see, doesn't make them a Tarot reader.

There is a definitely a difference between reader and psychic. However, both abilities need to be studied and honed for either to be useful, or to make claim to their titles

Friday, June 19, 2009

Galdr of Balder

Jour: dimanche Day: Sunday
Déité: baldr ou Balder Deity: Balder or Baldr
Planète: Soleil Planet: Sun


Baaldhur's ancient feh Baaldhur's ancient feh
Elf-disk son, Yngvi-frey Elf-disk sound Yngvi-frey
Hodder threx, he could not see Hodder threx, he could not see
Give strong breeze to Hring-horni Give strong breeze to Hring-horn
Eight spokes guide the fair wheel far Eight spokes guide wheel far the fair
Aung H(e)ring Heraung H(e)ra Aung H (e) ring Heraung H (e) ra
Aung H(e)ring H(e)ra Aung H (e) ring H (e) ra


"feh" décrit le feu que balder et nous aussi devons payer. "feh" describes fire that Balder and we also have to pay.
C'est la dette de la mort physique pour devoir vivre une vie et la mort chamanique l'induit afin de partir en transe et atteindre l'état de sagesse/ravissement. This is the debt of physical death for having a life and death chamanique armature to go into a trance and reach the state of wisdom / rapture.

"Elf-disk" est la connaissance du soleil (voir Skaldskaparmal dans les Edda). "Elf-disk" is knowledge of the sun (see Skaldskaparmal in the Edda). Pour Yngvi-Frey, voir après. For Yngvi-Frey, see later.

La ligne d'Hodder réfère à la jeune pousse de gui lancé par le bon aveugle Hod (Hodder) qui tue Balder et le fait que l'action d'Hold était pas intentionnée (elle est soufflée par Loki) Hodder line refers to shoot mistletoe launched by the right blind Hod (Hodder) who kills Balder and the fact that the action was not Hold intentioned (it is blown by Loki)

"Hringhorni" est le bateau funéraire de Balder (celui qui est brulé). "Hringhorni" is the funeral of Balder boat (which is burnt). Selon Simek, le bateau transporte un anneau avec le nom du bateau dedans. According to Simek, the boat carries a ring with the name of the vessel inside.
La description des bateaux ensemble avec le soleil comme image est commune dans l'ancien Scandinavie (pierres gravées) The description of the vessels together with the sun as an image is common in the ancient Scandinavia (carved stones)
"Hringhorni" est aussi un amalgame de Skidbladnir, le soleil/la fertilité du bateau de Yngvi-frey (ou Freyr) et Naglfar le bateau de la mort. "Hringhorni" is an amalgam of Skidbladnir, sun / fertility boat Yngvi-Frey (or Freyr) and Naglfar the ship of death. Ainsi le mode de transport "balder" pour un voyage chamanique peut être associé au bateau du soleil qui va dans l'autre monde et le bateau de la mort qui en revient. Thus the mode of transport "Bald" on a shamanic journey can be associated with the boat of the sun that goes in the other world and the ship of death that comes. C'est la course remarquablement approprié que Hring de Hringhorni reflètent dans les vibrations sonores associées avec la déité (et Tyr prochain galdr) This is the appropriate course remarkably Hring of Hringhorni reflected in the sound vibrations associated with the deity (and Tire next galdr)

"Fair wheel" est la connaissance du soleil (voir Skaldskaparmal dans les Eddas) Fair wheel is knowledge of the sun (see Skaldskaparmal in Eddas)


une prolongation du son "aung avec le son "hr" différentient le galdr de Baldr de celui de Tiwaz. Aung est l"ensemble des sons divins (Om/aum) et la méthode de projection (-ng/ing) le son et le reste du galdr sont dans le Ginnungagap. an extension of his "Aung with his" hr "to differentiate the galdr that of Baldr Tiwaz. Aung is the" all sounds divine (Om / aum) and the projection method (-ng/ing) sound and rest of galdr are in Ginnungagap. Le Hring et Hra sons sont connectés avec le son de l'aigle, du faucon trouver dans le galdr de Tiwaz (explication plus tard) Comme le soleil de dieu (allfather) est dans la manifestation comme tiwaz, à qui le totem est l'aigle, ces sont sont appropriés à Baldr. The Hring Hra and sounds are connected with the sound of the eagle, the hawk found in the galdr of Tiwaz (explanation later) As the sun god (allfather) is in the event as tiwaz, to whom the pole is the eagle, these are appropriate to Baldr. Le Heraung sons est le seul son du héro, qui est poussé dans le fossé. The Heraung sounds is the only son of the hero, who is pushed into the ditch.

C'est un galdr de sacrifice, de pardon, d'indulgence et de sagesse chamanique - de Baldr le bon parmi les dieux, il est le meilleur de tous. Galdr It is a sacrifice, forgiveness, forgiveness and shamanic wisdom - the right of Baldr among the gods, he was the best of all. Il va et revient du Helheim, effectivement restant dans un état d'extase (la mort) jusqu'au ragnarok. It goes and returns from Helheim, actually still in a state of ecstasy (death) until Ragnarok.

Les mêmes vibrations sonores apparaissent dans les galdr de Baldr et de Tiwaz, modifié seulement par le son "aung". The same sound vibrations appear in galdr of Baldr and Tiwaz amended only by the sound "Aung". Dans le galdr de tywaz les sons sont polarisés (il est une polarité de dieu (allfather)) une mise à l'épreuve des ténèbres ("hering" "hera") mais dans le galdr de balder les sons les plus longs ne sont pas polarisés ("aung hering hera"). In the galdr of tywaz sounds are polarized (polarity is one of god (allfather)) a test of darkness ( "Hering" "hera") but in the Balder galdr sounds of the longest are not polarized ( "Aung hera Hering). C'est parce Baldr représente les deux bon cotés de dieu (the One). It is because Baldr is both good side of God (the One). C'est aussi les trois principaux dieux masculins proche de dieu (the One) la fonction et la totalité de la trinité Odin, tywaz, et thor (woden, tiw, thunor) . It is also the three main gods of close male god (the One) and the whole of the trinity Odin, tywaz and thor (Woden, TIW, thunor).
C'est le galdr du bien complet (becoming complete), libre, totalement fonctionnel et conscient/réveillé (aesiric transe) peut être identique dans les autres traditions par des individus tel le Christ, Bouddha, Krishna. It is the completeness of galdr (becoming complete), free, fully functional and aware / awake (aesiric trance) may be the same in other traditions by individuals such as Christ, Buddha, Krishna. La condition peut être déterminé par la nature de baldr qui marque un retour dans le dieu (allfather) comme une renaissance extatique. The condition can be determined by the nature of Baldr, which marks a return to the god (allfather) as an ecstatic rebirth.

Le galdr de Baldr a 34 sons. The galdr of Baldr has 34 sounds. 34 est 2 x 17, ou deux fois le nombre de sons du galdr de tiwaz. 34 is 2 x 17, or twice the number of sounds galdr of tiwaz. Baldr est double parce que il ya soixante dix sons dans le père/mère et soixante dix sons dans pour le fils/fille. Baldr is double because there are sixty ten sons in the father / mother and sixty ten sounds in for the son / daughter. Par ailleurs, 3+4=7 et le 7 est la rune gebo, qui est associée au sacrifice. In addition, 3 +4 = 7 and 7 is the rune Geboes, which is associated with sacrifice. Dans un sens, Baldr est l'Ase du sacrifice depuis qu'il est relegué au Helheim jusqu'au ragnarok. In a sense, is Baldr Ase sacrifice since it is relegated to Helheim until Ragnarok. Mais il est aussi le second sacrifice d'Odin (woden) (après le premier qui est son propre sacrifice) ceci en dépit des efforts de freyir (Hermod) de ramener son fils Baldr en Asgard, Odin doit donner son fils au Helheim jusqu'au ragnarok. But it is also the second sacrifice of Odin (Woden) (after the first, which is his own sacrifice) despite the efforts of Freya (Hermod) to bring his son Baldr in Asgard, Odin must give to his son Helheim up at Ragnarok.

Pardonnez moi si le texte vous parait parfois chaotique, il est une traduction personnel de l'anglais du livre: Forgive me if the text sometimes seems chaotic, it is a personal translation from English of the book:
Galdrok, pratical heathen runecraft shamanism and magic , Nathan J. Galdrok, pratical runecraft heathen shamanism and magic, Nathan J. Johnson and Robert J. And Robert J. Johnson Wallis Wallis
Pour les mots dont je doutais de la traduction, ils sont indiqués en original à coté de celle que je propose. For words that I doubt the translation, they are in original besides the one I propose.

Bien à vous Sincerely yours

Par Hagel - Publié dans : magie runique et asatru - Communauté : Equinox Hagel


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spiritual Time Management

As I sit here this early morning, for a Saturday, and sip my creamy, nutty, cup of Costa Rican coffee, I think about what I have to do today. My mundane affairs are taking over and there is little balance for my mind/spirit. I just have to "make time" for my spiritual affairs.

Making time for any sort of affair is difficult enough, however. So, forget making time for a practice that is not regarded very highly by some and the source of murderous zeal by others. Your spiritual practices are not supported by your society. Perhaps some practices more than others, but even then. There may be more support than ever in a physical sense. There are prayer rooms in some schools and offices for example. But, in the sense of intellectually and emotionally making spiritual practice a priority certainly takes a back seat in most of society.

Constantly, situations develop that may interfere with a process of spiritual practices, or with almost any practice for self-development. There can be obstacles and there has to be a way to defeat them, or at least get past them.

Here is a list of a few things one can do to overcome some obstacles, but not all:

  • Create a rigid schedule of time slots for practice. - This includes scheduling the rest of your time as well, because in order for this to work you will need to be asleep at regular times. The more that is scheduled and followed, then the more likely the next task will be that much easier for it.
  • Turn mundane events into sacred events: I like this way. Mix in a purification ritual with housework, make meals ghanachakras or offering feasts. This way is almost like superimposing one's spiritual practices on daily life.
  • Sometimes, it is easier to schedule certain days for more elaborate practices A day that isn't full of regular stresses. Even in the case of annual celebrations, it is better to celebrate when one can. If Beltaine falls on a Wednesday, for example, and you can only celebrate it fully on the Saturday, then don't beat yourself up over it. I am not saying there is no need for precision, but perhaps, the point is the observation. If an event falls in the middle of the week, having a smaller ritual or observance that day and conducting more elaborate practices on the weekend is a reasonable way to go.
  • Timers: These are handy tools. It was recommended to me by someone I will call "Dawn". She suggested I get a timer, and then at the dollar store my son pointed out a cute apple timer. He didn't know I was looking for one. So, this timer is what I use to do certain tasks at twenty minute intervals. This is good for those of us with short attention spans. Start with a list of little tasks and move through it every 20 minutes. This is good for activities like: meditation, tidying, homework, reading, or writing. Tasks that do not necessarily have an definite end or that can be completed in 20 minutes. However, you shouldn't be concerned if something didn't get completed in the time alloted. If you didn't attain enlightenment in the 20 minutes, then don't worry, you can try the next round on your list.
  • Take breaks: Not just sleep, but time for reflection and composure. Honestly, I find that I mix my writing time with this time, but it is best to keep them separate or blend them better. What mean is, writing can be very cathartic, but sometimes writers need to create time just for the writing and not for any emotional need. Anyway, taking time out for doing nothing is going to be helpful when time is booked floor to ceiling. Just make certain that not all your time is spent doing this!
  • Time Magick: For the more adept at magick, there is the possibilty of using magickal practices to create time fluctuations which may allow for time for certain things. However, this is a topic unto itself. I wouldn't use this as a first resort and there are all sorts of other considerations one has to make in order to succesfully go this route. I will explore this more in a later post.
So, I am off, with my apple timer, to start my housework. This evening my son and I will be conducting a pet blessing ceremony. I will tell you how it goes.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Herb Garden

Yesterday, I went out with my son to get some herbs for our new terrace garden. We have five herbs and two fruit bearing plants: tomatoes and strawberries, plus basil, sage, rosemary, coriander and parsley.

These things have magickal qualities, beyond just the well-being it will give my son and I when we take care of them. Here are some of the associations:

Basil: Attracts wealth and can be used to banish negativity

Coriander: Is used for love and courage.

Parsley: Used for vitality, healing and purification.

Rosemary: Aids mental clarity and memory, purification and protection.

Sage: Is often used for purification, also aids in digestion and healing, used for wisdom

Tomatoes and Strawberries are both used for love and luck.

I made an infusion of Basil, Parsley, Sage, and Rosemary and a touch of Ginger - just a pick me up for purification and clarity while I transcribe this interview.